Influence of HMG Co-A inhibitor pitavastatin on pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of pioglitazone in rats and rabbits

Venkata Sunil Kumar M., Ramesh A., Padmanabha Reddy Y.


Objective: The study was conducted in rats and rabbits with selected oral doses of Pioglitazone and Pitavastatin their combination to evaluate the safety of Pioglitazone therapy in the presence of Pitavastatin.

Methods: Blood samples were collected from rats/rabbits by retro orbital/marginal ear vein puncture respectively at regular intervals of time. The blood glucose was estimated by GOD/POD method and serum Pioglitazone levels by HPLC method.

Results:  Pitavastatin showed to reduced blood glucose levels alone and with combination of Pioglitazone in both normal rats and diabetic rats. The serum Pioglitazone levels were increased significantly and pharmacokinetic parameters like AUC, Cmax, Ka, Cl and increase in the T1/2 of Pioglitazone were not altered significantly in presence of Pitavastatin.

Conclusion: The combination might be safe with respect to its hypoglycemic effect; so the doses of Pioglitazone and Pitavastatin are advised to safe when co administered in a clinical situation


Pioglitazone, Pitavastatin, Blood Glucose

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